The Stigma Of Men’s Underwear

Raise your hand if you’re gay! *insert emoji of man raising hand*

Now that we’ve gotten that little tidbit out of the way, let’s talk about men’s underwear. Over the years it has changed a lot. Once upon a time they basically wrapped themselves up in cotton that covered their entire body, kind of like a mummy. It was completely unattractive and just so unflattering. I wouldn’t touch that would someone else’s penis.

Over the years, it has gotten smaller and smaller until present day, well like the last few decades, we have the thong and jockstrap. Also, the not talked about smaller fetish microwear. As a teenager I fell in love with thongs. They were so freaking comfortable and it felt like heaven was hugging my body in all the right places. It just squeezed me tight and old me everything was okay with my life.

After I discovered my love of underwear that most men didn’t wear, I instantly realized that I was the odd man out. Hearing what other people would say in the dark corners of the world, well not so dark. It was like they stood out in the middle of the street with a bullhorn yelling about how gay and effeminate it was for a man to wear a thong. Well, guess what motherfuckers you’re wrong!

Over the years I learned it had nothing to do with any of that. Though I knew this, it didn’t make me feel any better. People still judged me for my choice of underwear and fetish. They looked down on me like I was less of a man or something. Like my choice in underwear somehow removed my penis from my body. This is something that happens quite often in the good ole US of A. Where everybody has sex, but god forbid you actually talk about it, or even act like it exists.

In other parts of the world, wearing something smaller like a thong, or jock, is much more acceptable. Men wear speedos to the beach, and men also wear thongs to the beach. I, for one, have never seen a man in a thong on the beach here in the United States. Mostly because we are a bunch of puritanical assholes who think we are a bunch of saints.

Slowly people’s minds are changing, and they are becoming more used to men wearing thongs and fetish wear, but it’s not changing fast enough. I still am weary about going out in public in a thong. By public I mean the beach. I wear thongs in public often, under clothes.

So if you are one of those people who wear thong swimsuits, go out and show it off for the world to see. Fuck what everyone thinks. It’s your body, do with it as you please. I know I’m still struggling with it, but one day I will be able to strut on the beach proudly in a sexy thong. Just be who you are and let the rest of the fuckers just disappear, they don’t matter. Go forth my thong lovers.

Maybe I should just move to Europe and wear this!



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