Bodyaware Barely There Leggings


If you’ve never been to Bodyaware’s website, I would definitely recommend them as a brand. They have everything from mild to wild, and every style of underwear you could imagine. So, definitely take the time to check them out.

So, I decided to take a leap and get something that wasn’t even remotely practical. I bought them for the purpose of their look and sex appeal. There was never a chance that I would wear these everywhere outside of my house, but that was perfectly okay.

When I got them, they were exactly as I expected. They were extremely comfortable, and appearance wise, so sexy. They are completely see through and they leave nothing to the imagination. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who was a little more shy, unless you want to let out your inner wild side.

Not only are they extremely sexy, they are very comfortable to boot. They let your junk feel the breeze, so to speak, and feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. I guess, you almost aren’t wearing anything.

Overall, it’s a great pair of pants that are great for lounging around the house, or for a sexy night with your partner. You could wear them with nothing underneath, or add some sexy underwear, like a thong or jock, to take it to the next level. I definitely would recommend this for any one with a taste for erotic wear.

Comfort: 5 out of 5.
Appearance: 5 out of 5.
Price: 4 out of 5
Sex Appeal: 5 out of 5.


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